Dreams do come true…

Two years ago I opened, “Chores Bee Gone”, with the dream to help as many people as I possibly could by exchanging quality of life for chores. I have been working a full-time job, running and working Chores Bee Gone full-time and also managing an apartment building. While it has been a very tiring two years, I regret none of it. Each individual I have met and worked for, has been truly outstanding and gracious. I boast that CBG has the finest of all customers, and am honoured that each one of you has picked my company to help you out. That said, I would like to communicate that I am operating Chores Bee Gone soley now (with my incredibly lovely staff), and this was made possible because of all the trust and patience people have put into me. You have helped me make my dreams come true, and really…my only dream, is for your peace and happiness.

Thank you for everything! I look forward to helping you all out some more, and I look forward to meeting new folks who want to trade in some chores for time!

Highest of respects,

Helena Burgess


What can I say other than 2013 has been ultimately rewarding not only for myself, but for the incredible people who have invested in my company to help them out. I have met many wonderful individuals who have had me and my team help with daily tasks such as, basic housekeeping, to gutting jam packed rooms and re-organizing them. Laundry is utterly time consuming for some folks who have marvelously busy lives and it is a pleasure to be able to assist! We have been sought after by property management companies and assisted folks by taking donations to Good Will. No chore is too big or too small for us, and we are thrilled with the progress the company has made thus far.

Thank you all for your tremendous support and I look forward to having a brilliant rest of the year with you all!

Warmest regards,

Helena Burgess

Chores Bee Gone



Open for business!

It’s been just under a week since I performed my first job and I have to say I am thrilled for the opportunity to assist. This past week I have had the right amount of contact to ease me into this new world without being overwhelmed. I have had residential, commercial and special event bookings so far and I am eager to continue moving onwards and upwards! Don`t be shy to pick up that phone or send me an email! In the meantime, I wish you all good health!


Welcome to Chores Bee Gone!

What a brilliant year this will be! Lately it seems as though spring is in the air and what do you think of when spring hits? SPRING CLEANING! There is nothing like freshening your home and/or business with a thorough cleaning performed by people who care!

I am thoroughly excited to open the doors in the very near future and am extremely eager to commence helping you make your Chores Bee Gone!


Helena Burgess